Upcoming MLG Anaheim 2016 Team Spotlight

Well it’s that time of the year again when the dreams of thousands of AM Call of Duty players can become a reality. Major League Gaming Anaheim is always one the most anticipated events of the year and this year is no different. Teams from all over the country will travel for a chance to play against the elite Call of Duty players for large amounts of cash, over $100k in cash!

Many of our followers and supporters will be heading to Aneheim as players and spectators. So we would like to show our appreciation by highlighting one of our most supportive and generous eSports organizations that will be competing in the event, Havok eSports.


Havok eSports is a multi gaming and platform organization established in 2012 by CEO/Founder Austin (HavoKProphecy) along with Co-owner Nick (HavoKSharK). Primarly focusing on 1st person shooters such as CS:GO, Halo and the Call of Duty franchise they have began to make a name for themselves by adding great talent over the past year. The CS:GO team took home top prize at the North American Intermediate on April 20th. On May 6 they announced an exciting and experienced COD team for MLG Anaheim, Also a new Halo 5 team was announced on May 6 including Expect great things to come from both of the teams in the near future.

Leading up to the event be sure to follow them on twitter @HvK_eSports and follow Havok eSports live streams on Twitch.tv/HvK_Esports to catch all the gameplay action!

As always I am honored to be part of such a great community and have friends, I should say family, like Havok eSports that support Game4Autisms efforts to raise Autism awareness and acceptance in the gaming community. Thank you and good luck to all the teams attending MLG Anaheim!


In addition to eSports Havok also has something for you outdoor gamers, paintball! Check it out!

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